Short Story of the Week: Praying vs. Therapy. It’s OK to Need Both.

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Our Short Story of the Week comes from LC Johnson, founding editor of career and life advice website Colored Girl Confidential.

In the article, she discusses mental health, and therapy as a way of coping with issues in this area. This can sometimes be a “taboo” topic in communities of color; seeking professional help is often looked down upon.

Read the article here.

What I love about this story:

  • She offers insight into how the negative stigma associated with therapy came to fruition, but also provides information to dispel these myths.
  • The author does not discount prayer as a means of dealing with emotional and mental issues, but expresses that both professional counseling and prayer can also be helpful in moving towards healing.

Every week, we will look to post a short story that catches our eye — a little inspiration for our contributors. 

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