Short Story of the Week: Laurie Anderson’s Farewell to Lou Reed


I came across Laurie Anderson’s tribute to her husband Lou Reed in the November 21, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone.  Although, I had little to no background on Reed, I was captivated by her story about their 20+ year relationship.

What I love about this story:

  • It the perfect length at around 1,330 words
  • It was a close examination of a significant experience
  • Although it covers a large span of time, the story still felt intimate and complete

It was instantly my choice for our first Short Story of the Week.

A reader’s reaction to the story:

…Of course, the centerpiece was Laurie Anderson’s moving remembrance. I ached as I read it, but I was also left with a soaring sense of joy. Brilliant, sorrowful and exultant — all in the same breath. I can’t imagine a more apropos tribute to a man who never compromised. (Ryan H. Heinsius, Rolling Stone)

Every week, we will look to post a short story that catches our eye — a little inspiration for our contributors. 

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