Short Story of the Week: From Taxis to Tuk-Tuks

Why a recent college grad walked away from work to see the world and make her mark on it

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Howard grad, Glynn Pogue’s story about her journey of exploration during her last years of college served as the April “Share” feature in Essence magazine. Read the story here.

What I love about this story:

  • It speaks to the journey of self-discovery that so many undergrads struggle to navigate as they move to the next phase of their lives.
  • She gives you context for her experience by referencing the experiences of her peers.
  • Glynn’s story is so relatable — many recent grads look to juggle parents’ expectations, real-world expenses and long-term career goals with the passions and dreams of their 20s.

Every week, we will look to post a short story that catches our eye — a little inspiration for our contributors. 


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