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CV Spring Deadline March 30

Final Reminder for Spring Deadline

  Today is the big day, the second and final Climbing Vines Spring Deadline! Please send all story contributions to Janay Sylvester at jsylvester@cvines.org.    

Vogue | Misty Copeland

Short Story of the Week: A Hard-Won Triumph

On March 4, Misty Copeland’s highly anticipated memoir Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina will be in stores. Despite the odds stacked against her, Misty served as the first African-American female soloist in more than two...

Black History Month Feature: MAD & Chic Rebellion

In this PREMIERE episode of Chic Rebellion’s new series, “CHIC REBEL,” we experience the evolution of Image Activist Michaela Angela Davis. Watch Michaela discuss her powerful journey to self awareness, from her teenage years...