Meet Our Marketing & Sponsorship Chair Ibie Longjohn, C ’12

Ibie, Climbing Vines Marketing and Sponsorship DirectorWhen did you graduate from  the University of Pennsylvania? I graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences in May 2012. My major was Psychology, and I have a minor in Consumer Psychology.

What is your role on the CV Board? As the Marketing & Sponsorship Director for Climbing Vines, I am in charge of the publicity and marketing for the organization. I am also responsible for sponsorship outreach for the organization; connecting with supporters of the project.

What is your favorite part of working on the project?  My favorite part of working on the Climbing Vines project is the organization’s mission and the opportunity to create a resource for incoming Penn students. I’m excited by the chance to collaborate with other black female Penn alumni and students to create something that will impact others’ experiences as they journey through their undergraduate career. Hopefully this publication can support undergraduates that may be struggling with issues unique to the black female Penn experience, and will also help to bring them together.

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