Meet Our Managing Editor Courtney Paul, C’ 12

Courtney Paul, Managing Editor

When did you graduate from  the University of Pennsylvania? In 2012, I graduated from the  College of Arts and Sciences as a Psychology major with a minor in Hispanic Studies.

What have you pursued after college? I currently work as a program coordinator with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity.

What is your role on the CV Board? As the Managing Editor I help oversee all aspects of the project through completion by collaborating with the members of the TCBS Board. This allows me to take on a variety of  tasks from social media management to contributor outreach.

What do you hope to accomplish by working on the Climbing Vines project? I think Climbing Vines is a great way to celebrate the black female presence on Penn’s campus. It can be comforting, rallying, entertaining and surprising to discover the experiences of other people who share a common reality: we are all black women who went or are currently going to the University of Pennsylvania. This is not to say that we are all the same person just because we are black women –each and every last one of us is a unique individual. However, sharing these stories with one another gives us the opportunity to discover how we are similar and how we are different; to commiserate and inspire. We can find unity in sharing these stories with one another.

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