Georgetown and UMichigan Students Spark Conversation About Black Experience on Campus

#BBGU Article

Photo courtesy of Al Jazeera America.

The hashtag ‘Being Black at Georgetown University’ (#BBGU) has sparked a conversation about the experiences, both good and bad, that black students face on predominately white campuses tackled in 140 characters or less.

One thing is clear — students are eager to share their individual stories, and there is much to learn from revitalizing the conversation on web-based, public platforms.

It is the hope that when the Climbing Vines collection is published in the summer of 2014, the stories from PENN black female alumni and undergraduates will further provide a window into the strong points and shortcomings that mark individual and collective, black experiences on a college campus.

Read the full article at and see screenshots of the tweets hashtagged #BBGU here.


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