Black History Month Feature: MAD & Chic Rebellion

Chic Rebellion: Michaela Angela Davis

In this PREMIERE episode of Chic Rebellion’s new series, “CHIC REBEL,” we experience the evolution of Image Activist Michaela Angela Davis. Watch Michaela discuss her powerful journey to self awareness, from her teenage years to the woman she is today. (

As an intern at BET in 2012, I had the opportunity to sit in on a seminar with Michaela Angela Davis, who serves as BET’s Editorial Brand Manager. I was captivated by her presence, but also by the passion and authority on which she discussed black imagery and how she has shaped and continues to shift the content featuring and appealing to black people. Though I was drawn to by MAD, it served as an introduction to the first and only internet TV network for women of color. Beyond “CHIC REBEL,” the site has a number of other series including:

Chic Rebellion Web Series

Check it out! And for videographers/producers — they are looking for submissions!

For our Black History Month features, we will focus on black women making significant contributions to today’s artistic space, as we strive to do with Climbing Vines. 

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