Photo by Araba Ankuma.

I think Climbing Vines is a great way to celebrate the black female presence on Penn’s campus. It can be comforting, rallying, entertaining and surprising to discover the experiences of other people who share a common reality: we are all black women who went or are currently going to the University of Pennsylvania.    

– Courtney Paul

Climbing Vines: A Collection of Short Stories is a compilation of 17 narratives that chronicle challenges, personal growth, and the shared experiences of black alumnae and undergraduate women of the University of Pennsylvania. This is a non-profit venture with the main objective being the creation of a stronger network amongst black alumnae and undergraduate women through shared experiences and common bonds. 

Climbing Vines serves as an informative piece that may positively influence and guide gifted, black undergraduate women as they navigate their first years of college. The collection also allows contributors to reflect on their undergraduate experiences and enrich the lives of others by sharing their stories.

 The collection is meant to encourage discussion surrounding the black female experience while promoting mental health and progressive academic and social experiences for black undergraduate women.